Engage your students with a field trip to Horizons!

B0C790E6-63E1-4175-A19C-D2BD0CA9EA15.jpeg In a world of disconnection, Bethel Horizons provides field trips for you and your students to connect in meaningful ways so that you can return to your school with students ready to engage with each other and the topics they are studying.

Are your students: disconnected, bored, irritable, restless, impatient, anxious, unmotivated and innattentive?

We can help with that! They will leave feeling more connected to themselves and eachother! Students will be excited, enthralled with nature, motivated, engaged and more at peace with their world.

Field Trip Guide

Field trips to Horizons teach people to use teamwork and leadership skills to R.I.S.E. above challenges.

IMG_5793.jpg Respect




We believe if you respect each other, include each other, support one another and empathize with eachother that you can RISE above any challenge

We make it easy:

1. Email Phil Bramley with your preffered dates

2. Together we will customize your program

3. Arrive and watch your students connect with each other and the world around them

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We provide customized Adventure & Environmental Education field trips to 1000's of people each year.

Low Ropes Challenge Course

IMG_9907.jpg The Low Ropes Challenge Course consists of warm-ups, ice-breakers, teambuilding & trust building activities, and group initiatives designed to have participants work and think together. This program includes the use of our Low Ropes Challenge Course, a series of elements constructed of beams, cables, ropes and resources secured to trees.  This program is offered at Horizons.

HIgh Ropes Challenge Course

There are eight elements in the High Ropes Challenge Course: The Stationary Log, The Swinging Log, The Multi-Vine, The Tension Traverse, The Crossover, The Power Pole, and The Zip Line - all at 35 feet in the air! 

Rock climbing Rock Climbing and Rappelling

Participants learn the basics of Rock Climbing and Rappelling techniques, equipment, philosophy, and safety while climbing and rappelling on Horizons bluffs.

Portable Program

The Portable Program consists of warm-ups, ice-breakers, team building and trust building activities, and group initiatives designed to have participants work and think together. The Portable Program can be done at Horizons or at your site. 

For more information, contact our Adventure Director Phil Bramley at phil@bethelhorizons.org or (608) 574-2713. 

Adventure Program Participant Forms

Return signed forms to the Adventure Director on the day of your program(s).

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