Community Group Visits

The Nature Center would be glad to offer a program to your group or organization including Scouts, Churches, 4-H Clubs, family groups and others at Bethel Horizons or at your site. Whether staying overnight, conducting your own workshop, or visiting us for the day, we can supplement your experience with a nature-related program. 

Seasonal Introduction — This 90-minute program introduces your group to Bethel Horizons and the natural history of southern Wisconsin through a 30-minute slide show which is followed by a non-strenuous hike along one of our trails to acquaint the group with area plants, animals and habitats.

Nature Hike — A naturalist guided hike through our woodlands, wetlands and prairies to observe and learn about the plants and animals of southern Wisconsin. Life histories and ecological concepts are emphasized for adults and sensory activities are stressed with younger groups. Incredible views from our cliffs, abundant wildlife in our valley streams, and beautiful wildflowers in our open prairies make this an enjoyable experience.

Night Hike — Raccoons scurrying along the trails, owls hooting in the hollows, coyotes baying at the moon, and eerie shadows cast across our path are just a few of the things we might observe during this opportunity to explore Bethel’s trails after dark. Numerous activities will be utilized to acquaint participants with the dark and its creatures.

Live Animals — This program will acquaint your group with a variety of native living creatures, emphasizing adaptations and classification – what makes each different from all other creatures on earth. View turtles, frogs, snakes, birds, insects and mammals.

Scout Badges — We will gladly work with your Girl or Boy Scout troop to help them earn nature and outdoor related badges. 

Service Projects — For Scouts, 4-H, and other interested adult or youth groups, we can coordinate service work at Horizons or in the community.