Friends of Horizons

The Friends of Horizons is a group of people who assist with projects which assist the programs of Bethel Horizons. Activities take place at Bethel Horizons and Bethel Lutheran Church. Projects are coordinated by Horizons Property Manager, Leon Gander and the Facilities Committee.

Friends of Bethel Horizons Projects

Tuesday Work Days

We are trying to coordinate a consistent volunteer effort at Bethel Horizons this year to assist with a number of different tasks that could use some attention and your help.

We are putting out a call for 10-15 volunteers to join us the first Tuesday of every month from 9am - 3pm. Please don't feel you have to be available the entire day as we appreciate any assistance you can give us.

If you would like to be added to our volunteer list and added to Horizons newsletters please email Angie Buelow at

Special Days

The Bike-A-Thon, Trails & Tasting, and the Bethel Congregational Picnic are days when volunteers are needed to assist with different aspects of these events at Horizons.

Contact: Administrative Assistant for more information regarding Friends of Horizons. Email