Adamah Art Studio is proud to offer world class workshops all year round. Our 2018 worskshops will be no exception and full descriptions of each can be found below along with detailed registration information and policies. When you are ready to register for any one (or many) of our workshops simply click the link below to get started.

Registration Information



All registrations will be handled online through our partner website above. Each workshop will be listed and you may register for multiple workshops as an individual or with a group of friends.  If you are registering and have been told by the Director you are eligible for a discount/scholarship please contact Jennifer directly to receive a code to be used online for registration PRIOR to registering.

Register for 2018 Workshops Here

Deposits & Payments

To reserve your place in one of our workshops please complete the registration online and submit full payment via credit card. Should you wish to pay by check it must be received within two weeks of your registration to confirm your place. Checks are to be made payable to Bethel Horizons and mailed as such to our office at 312 Wisconsin Ave., Madison, WI 53703.

Questions regarding registration or payments should be directed to our office at (608) 257-3577, ext. 334 or e-mail at

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel up to 30 days ahead of time to receive a full refund (refunds will be made to the original payment method only). Cancellations within 30 days of the start of the workshop are considered non-refundable.  By this time we have purchased clay, materials and budgeted food for participants. If Adamah Art Studios has to cancel a workshop due to low registration or any other reason, we give participants a full refund or credit towards a future workshop within the same calendar year.


Unless otherwise noted, fees for workshops cover all meals, lodging, and supplies. Single rooms may be available at an additional cost of $35 per night. Single rooms are very limited and are not guaranteed. Requests for a single room will be confirmed no sooner than two weeks prior to the start of the workshop by the Director. The Art Ventures Retreat Center has en-suite bathrooms, and rooms have a mix of bunk beds and double beds. WiFi access is available.

Participants Under 18

Many of our workshops are open to people of all ages as noted in the information for each individual workshop on our registration website. For participants under the age of 18, you must contact our Registrar after registering as there are additional forms (found HERE on our summer camp page) that are required to be filled out and returned in order to participate in any program at Adamah Art Studios or Bethel Horizons.

Further Questions

After registering online, you will receive an e-mail confirmation/ticket. Please keep this information for your reference. If you have a burning question about the workshop, please email Jennifer Mally at Questions about payment or registrations, please email

2018 Workshop Schedule


An Introduction to Mold Making with Brian Kluge

February 3 -4, 2018

10:00 am Saturday through 3:00pm Sunday

Lodging fee: $30

Meals: $35

Workshop: $160

Total Package: $225 (includes meals, lodging, materials, and instruction fee)

Instructor: Brian Kluge

Join Madison-based artist Brian Kluge for a weekend of mold-making fun! Receive hands-on instruction to make multi-part plaster molds for use with clay. Discussions will include press-molding, slip-casting, plaster considerations, creating original prototypes, uses for molds in contemporary pottery and sculpture, and much more. Please bring an assortment of objects to mold and ideas for creating prototypes on-site. Put your new molds to use when you return to your studio to rapidly produce multiple objects or combine them to create new and interesting forms!

Workshop includes all materials.


Fused Glass Pendant Making

February 11, 12 (day class only, no overnight, no meals)

Time: 1:00 - 4:00pm both days

Fee $75 plus $10 material fee paid to instructor

Instructor: Jennifer Mally

Learn how to construct layered glass to make beautiful fused pendants.  On day 1, we will construct pendants from colored and dichroic glass, colored frits, glass rods and bobbles.  Pendant base shapes will be provided or cut your own.  A glass grinder and nipper tools will be available.  On day 2 return to shape your pendants on a grinder to make distinct shapes like circles, squares, heart shapes, etc.  Your pendants will be returned to the kiln to be fired-polished and ready for pick up after day 2.  Although you are free to make up to 12 pendants, (3) sterling silver plated pendant bails will be provided with the class.


Introduction to Needle Felting

March 24, 2018

Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm

Fee: $80 (keep your felting needles and mat)

Instructor: Jennifer Mally

Learn the basics of needle felting! We will start with a simple ball and then move on to make a small felted animal of your choice (with instructions). You will be supplied with 3 different sizes of needles, a felting mat and an array of colorful wool. Take home your tools to continue your felting creations at home. Bring your own lunch.


Salt Fire Workshop (Beginners-Advanced, 18+)

April 5 - 8, 2018

Time: 10:00am Thursday, April 5 through end of firing on Sunday, April 8

Lodging fee: $90

Workshop fee: $300

Total Package: $390

Instructor: Gary Carstens, Mississippi Mud Clay Studio

Join us for a salt firing in the catenary chamber of our Aninoborigama kiln. Bring 40-50 bisque fired pots and expect to take a shift or two stoking the kiln.  Your pots MUST be made from a cone 10 clay body. Workshop includes 4 studio glazes, instruction, lodging at the Art Ventures Retreat Center. Bring your own food for the weekend. The studio has a kitchen.

Glazing day: April 5

Kiln loading day: April 6

Kiln firing: April 7 -8

Kiln unloading: April 14


Felting “Lighted Vessels”

April 22, 2018, 10 am -3:30 pm

Fee: $80 plus $20 material fee paid to instructor

Instructor: Mary Wallace -

This day-long class will explore wet felting plant fibers and wool to create a fine, but strong, vessel that will allow light to shine through.

The first half of the day will include discussion of plant fibers and felting, sample making, and laying out the vessel.  The second half will continue with the vessel construction.  Demos along the way will help illuminate the procedures.

Participants are asked to bring a couple of towels, a pair of scissors and a plastic bag to carry home wet items. 

Please note:  Some felting experience will be helpful in this class, although not necessary.  Contact the instructor if you have questions.   


Figurative Sculpture Workshop (All levels)

Session 1:  April 7-8, 2018

Session 2:  September 15 - 16, 2018

Time: 9:30am Saturday - 4:00pm Sunday

Lodging fee:  $30

Meals: $35

Workshop: $160

Total Package: $225 (includes meals, lodging, materials, and instruction fee)

Instructor: Jennifer Mally

Learn techniques to create figurative clay sculptures. Learn about the proportions of the human body and how to make a head and expressive face.  Use this basic knowledge, along with how to build from a stable armature to create your own realistic or abstract figurative work.  Jennifer will guide you in hand-building techniques and altering forms to express the ideas you want. All levels of skill welcome! Leave your work to be bisque fired. This workshop includes materials and tools, a bisque firing of your work as well as all meals and lodging at the Art Ventures Retreat Center.


Incredible Layered Glazing Techniques and Constructing Vessels from Slump and Press Molds

April 29 - May 4, 2018

Lodging fee: $150

Meals: $140

Workshop: $330

Total Package: $620 (includes meals, lodging, materials, and instruction fee)

Instructor: Ron Hahlen

Ron Hahlen creates incredible results with layering stains and glazes. His techniques will be demonstrated on his textured, hand-built forms. Ron will demonstrate wax resist, airbrushing, sgraffito, and brushing and layering of metal oxides washes and glazes. Glazes recipes will include a chun, a celadon, a temmoku, a crystal magic, black, blues, ash, a green and a base glaze. Bring 5 -10 bisque-fired pieces to practice his glazing techniques and then participate in a gas reduction firing during the workshop. Your pots must be made from a cone 10 clay body.

While we are waiting for the gas kiln to cool, Ron will demonstrate slab construction techniques including hump molds, press molds, slump molds, templates and free forming.  Ron Hahlen likes to integrate textures into his slab vessels so please bring several textures to incorporate into your construction.

This workshop is geared to the beginning and intermediate potter.


Basic Broom Making - Hearth Brooms

May 5, 2018, noon - 4:00pm

Fee: $90

Instructor: John Holzwart

Discover the art of making handmade brooms! Little John will teach you how to make a real broom for decorative or functional use. Students will learn to make one round or one flat hearth broom (your choice). Handles of various woods have been gathered and cured for you to use, and all materials are provided. Discussion about decorative options will be included. Participants should refrain from wearing open toed shoes and plan to bring a sharp knife and scissors.


Get Away! Pottery Retreat (all levels, 18+)

May 6-11, 2018

Lodging fee: $150

Meals: $140

Retreat: $135

Total Package: $425 (includes meals, lodging, materials, and instruction fee)

Facilitator: Jennifer Mally, Director Adamah Art Studios

Spend a quiet week at Adamah's beautiful art campus. Saturate yourself in your own ceramic work, meet other potters, treat yourself to good food, afternoon naps, nature hikes, Governor Dodge State Park and the local art scene. Your time is your own! Adamah Studio will supply you with 2 bags of stoneware clay, a wheel, hand-building tools, all meals and lodging on the art campus at the Art Ventures Retreat Center.


Ceramic Kitchen Utensils

May 9, 16, 2018, 1:00 pm-4:00pm both days

Fee: $90

Instructor: Jennifer Mally

Have fun making ceramic kitchen utensils! See demos of how to combine thrown, extruded and hand-built forms to make beautiful and functional spoons, ladles, spatulas, spreading knives....... Make them unique by adding textures, patterns and surface designs. Return on May 16th to glaze your bisque-fired utensils. Your final pieces will be glazed fired at Adamah and will be ready for pick up the following week.


Learn to Gas Reduction Fire

(intermediate, 18+)

May 12-13, 2018, 9:00am Saturday - 8:00pm or end of firing on Sunday

Lodging: $30

Workshop:$ $160

Total Package: $190 (includes lodging and workshop fee)

Instructor: Jennifer Mally

This two-day workshop will teach you how to correctly load and fire Adamah's Bailey gas kiln and fire in reduction. Saturday we will glaze our work and load the kiln. Sunday we will fire the kiln. (12+ hour firing) The group will need to return to Adamah a few days later to unload our pots, clean the kiln and discuss our firing results. Bring 20-25 bisque fired pieces. Pieces MUST be made from a cone 10 clay body. 5 studio glazes will be provided. It is helpful to bring a notebook and a camera. Workshop includes lodging at the Art Ventures Retreat Center. We provide our own meals.


Cone 6 Ceramic Glaze Test Workshop with John Britt

May 18,19, 20, 2018, 10:00am Friday - 3:00pm Sunday

Lodging fee: $60

Meals: $65

Workshop: $400

Total Package: $525  (includes lodging, meals and workshop fee)

This workshop will be a general overview of ceramic glazes, focusing on but not limited to cone 6 glazes. It is designed for beginner to intermediate potters. We will discuss cones, kilns, firing dynamics and principles as well as applying those principles to various firing cycles. This will lead us into some basic classifications of glazes, like ash, celadon, temmoku, etc. We will discuss how and why each type of glaze works and how you can achieve them, how to adjust your glazes and how to find new ones. We will discuss glazes from my new book: “The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes: Glazing and Firing at cone 4 - 7”, but will go into more detail than the book allowed. The hands-on portion of the workshop involves mixing test glazes and firing them in oxidation as well as in reduction atmospheres - cone 6.  Each person will be assigned a specific test glaze and will make their own set of test tiles. The group will compare and contrast all the test tiles through discussion and display.

There will be a slide show on Friday night and John will bring tiles samples from his book as well as pots.


Spring Anagama Wood Firing

(intermediate, 18+)

May 20-27, 2018

Lodging fee: $210

Meals: 180

Workshop: $300

Total Package: $690 (includes lodging, meals, and workshop fee)

Instructor: Michael Schael

Come for a week of wood firing in the Anagama kiln. Bring 50-75 bisque pots and take a few shifts stoking the kiln! Pieces MUST be made from a cone 10 clay body. When you are not at the kiln, feel free to throw pots in the studio, hike trails on our 550 acres of beautiful property, visit Governor Dodge State Park or visit local art galleries. 5 studio glazes are available for your use. Workshop includes all meals and lodging at the Art Ventures Retreat Center.

May 20, glazing (glazing is optional)

May 21-23, kiln loading

May 24-27 firing the kiln

Kiln unloading and cleanup-date to be determined

Note: Firing the Anagama kiln is physically demanding.  It

requires lifting wood and climbing steps. It may require a night/early morning stoking shift


Making Pottery with Linda Christianson

May 27 - June 1, 2018

Lodging fee: $150

Meals: $140

Workshop: $310

Total Package: $600 (includes meals, lodging, materials, and instruction fee)

Instructor: Linda Christianson

This pottery making workshop will focus on our own personal curiosities and improving our individual skills. With daily demonstrations, unique exercises, discussions, and individual attention, we will make well crafted thoughtful pottery.   Personalized skill, idea, and aesthetic development will be stressed.  Pots that are dry will be bisque fired.   All levels are welcome. 

Fee includes 2 bags of stoneware clay, meals, and lodging in the new Art Ventures Retreat Center.



Make Your Own Tools for Your Ceramic Studio

May 30 - June 1  Begins 5:00pm on May 30

Lodging fee: $60

Meals: $55

Workshop: $200

Total Package: $315

Instructor: Joe Cole

Join Joe Cole as he shares and demonstrates the use of the various handmade tools he has come to use on a daily basis at his own ceramic studio.  After demonstrations and discussions, participants will be provided with equipment and materials to make their own unique pottery tools.



Wood Fire - Soda Workshop with Guillermo, Cuellar and Ric Cox

(Intermediate level, 18+)

Joe Cole -visiting artist

June 3 - 9, 2018

Lodging fee: $180

Meals: $165

Workshop: $325

Total Package: $670  (Includes lodging, meals, and workshop fee)

Join Guillermo and Ric for an exciting week of wood firing and making pots. We will glaze, load, and fire early in the week, followed by a busy week of demos and individual one-on-one help. This is an opportunity to work with each instructor and gain two different approaches to wheel throwing techniques.  In addition to daily one on one time with instructors we will allow you individual time to work. Pieces made and dried during the workshop will be bisque-fired for you to take home. We will unload the kiln before the end of the workshop.

The kiln can fire around 450-500 average size pots. The number of pots each individual will get fired is dependent on the number of participants in the workshop. Plan to bring up to 40 bisque -fired pieces of various sizes , knowing not all the pots may be able to fit in the kiln. Pieces MUST be made from a cone 10 clay- body. 


Kiln Building Workshop with Potters for Peace

June 9 - 14, 2018

Lodging fee: $120

Meals: $110

Workshop: $270

Total Package: $500 (includes lodging, meals, and workshop fee)

Join Robert Pillers, the Potters for Peace Nicaraguan Director, and a few wood fire potters from Nicaragua for a mid-fire, kiln-building workshop. Come build a 'Mani kiln" used throughout Central America to wood fire tumble-stacked, mid-range (cone 6) pottery.  The kiln can be built in about 3 days and will be ready to fire at the end of the workshop!  Bring your own bisque-fired pieces to fire in the kiln.  We will be introducing the idea of an 'Olla': a terracotta vessel that gets planted in the ground and filled with water to water the roots of plants in your garden.


Everything Printmaking

June 22 - 24, 2018, 10:00am Friday - 3:00 Sunday

Lodging fee: $60

Meals: $65

Workshop: $200

Total Package: $325 (includes lodging, meals, and workshop fee)

Instructor: Jennifer Mally

Come for 3 days of printmaking! Relief-carve a design in a soft rubber mat and use it to print a series of pictures or cards. Next, experiment with creating mono-prints, spreading color on plastic sheets and then sending it through a etching press to print the image on paper. The final project will be creating a collagraph. Build up a relief design made of paper and textured items, ink up the design, place a piece of wet printing paper over the top and run it through the press to create an inked relief picture.


Beyond the Bauhaus-The Art of the Vessel

(All levels)

June 24-29, 2018, 5:00pm Sunday - 1:00pm Friday

Lodging fee: $150

Meals: $140

Workshop: $235

Total Package: $525 (includes lordging, meals and workshop fee)

Instructor: Phil Lyons

Phil Lyons will offer a week of demos and independent wheel time wrapped in discussion about the Bauhaus tradition and its long and important history in our area. Discover the vessel as it relates to form and function. Our gorgeous outdoor setting invites you to explore these new ideas.  This workshop includes an evening performance at the American Players Theater. Fee includes 2 bags of stoneware clay, tickets to APT, meals and lodging at the new Art Ventures Retreat Center.

Instructor: Phil Lyons, West High School Art Dept, Madison, WI


Recycled Bag Fabric Art

June 27, 2018, 1:00 - 4:00pm

Fee: $50

Instructor: Jennifer Mally

Come make usable fabric from your plastic shopping bags! We will make 7 layer fabric and then cut the fabric to sew a bag. Bring bundles of colorful, used plastic shopping bags. The rest of the materials will be provided.


Ceramic Mobile Making

June 30 and July 7, 2018, 1:00 - 4:00pm (both days)

Fee: $80

Instructor: Jennifer Mally

On June 30th come and design and create a mobile from low fire, ceramic clay. Hand-build the mobile pieces from slabs of clay. Think of shapes like leaves, birds, flowers......color your pieces with underglazes, or leave the clay bare. String your mobile with natural or colored cotton string. Return on July 7th to assemble your fired ceramic pieces into a mobile, complete with hook to hang and enjoy!


Communing with Clay

July 8 -13, 2018, 5:00pm Sunday - 1:00pm Friday

Lodging fee: $150

Meals: $140

Workshop: $235

Total Package: $525  (includes lodging, meals and workshop fee)

Instructor: Geof Herman

This workshop is a long-standing tradition at Art Ventures. Join Geof and a talented group of potters and sculptors; enhance your skills and learn new techniques through demos, critiques and one-on-one instruction. Extended productive days in the studio are the norm for this workshop. Enjoy the community that develops throughout the week and find inspiration in our gorgeous outdoor setting. This workshop includes an evening performance at the American Players Theater. Fee includes 2 bags of stoneware clay, American Players Theater tickets, meals and lodging at our new Art Ventures Retreat Center.


Steven Hill: Throwing Relaxed, Gestural Forms

July 15 - 20, 2018, 5:00pm Sunday - 1:00pm Friday

Lodging fee: $150

Meals: $140

Workshop: $410

Total Package: $700  (includes lodging, meals and workshop fee)

As intermediate throwers hone their skills they often begin to show an affinity for working more precisely. Precision throwing can lead to sublime beauty or to mechanical repetition that leaves pots a bit stiff. As potters develop their eye along with their technical skills, they sometimes yearn to make forms that breathe – pots that look as though they are still soft and pliable after they are fired.

This workshop will be structured for the potter with basic throwing skills, who would like to make more relaxed forms that feel more gestural. You won’t be encouraged to unlearn any of your hard won technique, but rather to expand the ways of gently altering thrown forms.

We will start with drinking vessels and bowls before moving on to larger and slightly more complex forms. Bisque firing will be available for pots you’d like to take with you.


Two Demos a Day!

July 22 - 27, 2018, 5:00pm Sunday - 1:00pm Friday

Lodging fee: $150

Meals: $139.50

Workshop: $235

Total Package: $525 (includes lodging, meals and workshop fee)

Instructors: Kathy King and Alli Olson

Join Alli and Kathy for what they call a 'slice of heaven'; where you have your own workspace, superb food and a retreat center all on the art campus. The focus of this workshop is to experiment with a least two different ceramic techniques a day.  The expectation being you will take the skills you have learned in your own direction. Fees include up to two bags of clay, tickets at the American Players Theater, all meals and lodging in the Art Ventures Retreat Center.


Creative Journal Making

July 11, 2018, 9:30 - 4:00pm

Fee: $90

Instructor: Jennifer Mally

Create 4 different types of artful books. We will start will a simple book made of beautiful folded paper and end with a book bound together with the Coptic stitch using linen string.  There will be a selection of beautiful papers and examples to look at.  Fee includes all materials and lunch.


Alternative Raku Techniques

August 11 2018

Fee: $60

instructor: David Breuch

Join us for an afternoon of alternative raku firing techniques. Bring 3 bisque-fired pots with terra 

sigilla applied (recomended) and 2 bisque-fired pots with surface texture or thrown with sodium silicate applied to give the exterior a cracked finish. 

Feel free to come to the studio any time between July 30 and August 3 to throw some pots using Adamah’s raku clay and materials.  Leave the pots to be bisque-fired in time for the workshop. 

After the workshop, stay for pizza cooked in our wood-fired pizza oven. Bring pizza toppings to share and your own drinks.


Delores Fortuna: Form and Surface Development

August 12 - 17, 2018

Lodging fee: $150

Meals: $140

Workshop: $340

Total Package: $630

Join Delores Fortuna for a week of demos, discussion and hands on wheel time.  Delores will emphasize surface development while discussing the use of slips and cone 6 glazes in oxidation and reduction.  Bring images of current work, drawings and concepts of future work to our daily one-on-one discussions. Workshop fee includes 2 bags of B-clay, all meals and lodging at the Art Ventures Retreat Center. Bone-dry pieces will be bisque fired at part of the workshop.


Local Art and Food Immersion!

September 9-13, 2018

Full Package: $425

Come to the Adamah campus at Bethel Horizons for a "trial run" of a Road Scholar program!
For 4 days, immerse yourself in local food and art! Tour cheese factories and the Bothum Vineyard, enjoy tickets to an American Player Theater play, group ceramic projects, and cooking pizza in Bethel Horizon's wood oven using local ingredients.
Tour Taliesin and engage with interesting guest speakers covering topics of art, honeybees and ecology.
During your stay you will lodge in the new Art Ventures Retreat Center on the art campus and eat most of the meals in our dining hall. You will have access to 570 acres of hiking trails and enjoy wine around an outdoor fire pit.
For more information, visit the Adamah Art Studios website or email Jennifer Mally - Director at:


Fall Salt Fire Workshop (Beginners-Advanced, 18+)

September 27th - 30, 2018

Time: 10:00am September 27th through end of firing on September 30th

Lodging fee: $90

Workshop fee: $300

Total Package: $390

Join us for a salt firing in the catenary chamber of our Aninoborigama kiln. Bring 100 bisque fired pots and expect to take a shift or two stoking the kiln.  Your pots MUST be made from a cone 10 clay body. Workshop includes 4 studio glazes, instruction, lodging at the Art Ventures Retreat Center. Bring your own food for the weekend. The studio has a kitchen.



John Britt- Experimental Shino Workshop

November 24 - December 1, 2018

Food and Lodging: $450

Workshop: $650

This is an experimental shino workshop where we will explore various shino glazes in a variety of firing cycles. One firing will be wood (firing in the catenary with Gary Carstens) with extended cooling at 1800°F. And then where will be two gas reduction firings (Firing in the Bailey gas kiln with Jennifer Mally) with various slow cooling cycles. The goal will be to explore effects of slow cooling on shino colors but we will also explore crawl shinos, carbon trap and traditional shinos. We will try the same glazes in the two gas firings on student test tea bowls.

We will have about 7-10 different shinos in the studio for glazing. We will also have various washes: soda ash, salt, burnt umber, red iron, manganese dioxide, copper carbonate, rutile etc. as well as flashing slips for wood and various types of wood ashes.

Participants should bring 30 pieces for the wood firing and 20 for the gas firings. The work should be made with cone 10 porcelain or light stoneware (B-Mix recommended) and everything must be bisque fired prior to arrival.