Christmas Sales

Dec. 3, 2017, 8 a.m. - Dec. 3, 2017, noon

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Bethel Horizons will be holding our Christmas Sale this December at Bethel Lutheran Church in Madison including the sale of items from Bethel Horizons' Gift Catalogue which can be found here

On a notable occasion–Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday or an anniversary–remember someone special with a gift to Bethel Horizons. If you choose to make a donation in someone else’s name they will receive a greeting card announcing the gift item being given in their name and your name as the donor-giver.

Bethel Horizons is our year-round facility located on 548 acres of prairie, forests, wetlands and valleys, adjacent to Governor Dodge State Park near Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Through its outdoor summer camps, retreat and event centers, adventure courses, environmental education programs, and art education classes, Horizons endeavors to foster and inspire a better understanding of God, nature, self, and others. Horizons is affiliated with Bethel Lutheran Church, Madison, Wisconsin and Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, an association of ELCA camps across the country. Horizons is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a governing board.

All gifts are tax-deductible under the law.

It is through support above fees that Horizons is able to keep its programs fresh and exciting and allows it to offer financial assistance to those in need. We hope you recognize the important role Horizons plays in the development of youth and continuing inspiration for all ages.

Your gift will fulfill a need, make an impact on the program and help facilitate Horizons mission. Small gifts can make a big impact and large gifts can have a lasting effect. All gifts are needed.

All checks should be made out to Bethel Horizons. Send to Bethel Horizons Administrative Offices at 312 Wisconsin Avenue, Madison WI 53703.