John Britt- Experimental Shino Workshop

Nov. 24, 2018, 5 p.m. - Dec. 1, 2018, 5 p.m.

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November 24th - December 1st 2018 

$450 Food and Lodging

$650 Workshop Fee

This is an experimental shino workshop where we will explore various shino glazes in a variety of firing cycles. One firing will be wood (firing in the catenary with Gary Carstens) with extended cooling at 1800°F. And then where will be two gas reduction firings (Firing in the Bailey gas kiln with Jennifer Mally) with various slow cooling cycles. The goal will be to explore effects of slow cooling on shino colors but we will also explore crawl shinos, carbon trap and traditional shinos. We will try the same glazes in the two gas firings on student test tea bowls.

We will have about 7-10 different shinos in the studio for glazing. We will also have various washes: soda ash, salt, burnt umber, red iron, manganese dioxide, copper carbonate, rutile etc. as well as flashing slips for wood and various types of wood ashes.

Participants should bring 30 pieces for the wood firing and 20 for the gas firings. The work should be made with cone 10 porcelain or light stoneware (B-Mix recommended) and everything must be bisque fired prior to arrival.